Are Tottenham serious title contenders?

This year has been upside-down, topsy-turvy and just plain messed up. So much so, the reality of Tottenham challenging for the Premier League title is becoming less and less of a dream with their recent performances. Surely they can’t, right? Well, here’s three reasons why they might just be able to.

Could Spurs get their hands on some serious silverware?

Crumbling Competition 

This year seems like Spurs’ best chance of winning the Premier League since the wonderful 2016-2017 season, as most of their competition just don’t look up to the task.

Without the Rolls-Royce that is Virgil Van Dijk in defence, Liverpool look incredibly shaky. Shown by the fact that only Leeds and West Bromwich Albion have conceded more goals so far this season (17) than Liverpool (16). 

To add to their defensive woes, Joe Gomez has picked up a knee injury and could face a lengthy spell on the side-lines. Which leaves just Joel Matip as their only fit senior defender, as both full-backs Trent-Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson have picked up injuries recently too.

Virgil Van Dijk picked up a serious injury

Manchester City have lacked a vocal point to their attack this season, with Sergio Aguero yet to feature. Also, Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling have picked up injuries too.

Chelsea’s new signings have slowly begun to gel together, but we are yet to see a run of consistent performances from Frank Lampard’s men that shows they are ready to challenge for the title. 

However, if one team was to properly challenge Spurs; Chelsea, along with Liverpool do look the most likely. If they manage to fix on their defensive structure, they could become a very scary team.

Manchester United however, do not appear to pose any real threat to Tottenham this season, having picked up just one point at home, sitting pretty in 14th.

In their next seven games, Jose Mourinho’s men are to play Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester City, Crystal Palace and Wolves. If they can manage at least three to four wins, then it will give them full confidence that they can challenge for the title, knowing they can beat the best teams, and Arsenal.

Second Season Syndrome 

Mourinho himself has a quite remarkable record in his second year at clubs, having never finished lower than second place. Also, he has only once failed to win the title, winning the league in his second year at Porto, Chelsea (twice), Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

The only time Mourinho has failed to win the league title in his second year was in the 2017/2018 season with Manchester United, when he finished second behind Manchester City. 

However since then, he has said that guiding that United team to second place was one of the best achievements in his career because “people don’t know what is going on behind the scenes”. 

After United’s last two campaigns, and their start to this one, it seems the Portugese was right. He lead his side to 81 points in that season and since then, United have only managed two 66 point seasons under Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

His exploits in the second season at clubs are not just limited to league success, he also played the underdog twice, winning the UEFA Champions League with both Porto and Inter Milan. Whilst also breaking the La Liga record for highest points and most goals scored in his second year at Real Madrid.

Flying Forwards 

Spurs have assembled one of the greatest attacks in Premier League history with Harry Kane, Gareth Bale and Heung-Min Son all available for selection for Jose Mourinho’s side. 

Kane and Son are already on fire, imagine adding Bale!

This is a match made in heaven for Spurs fans because in Kane, Son and Bale they have the first, fifth and ninth top scorers for Tottenham in the Premier League in their history. They will prove key to Spurs if they are serious about challenging for the Premier League this season.

So… Can it happen?

At the moment, it is very early days. As Tottenham fans know, getting their hopes up will only lead one way, disappointment. However, one thing that cannot be ignored, is Spurs have all the tools they need to pose a real threat to the league this season. They just need a little bit of luck, and in this league, anything can happen.

Written by Joel Berman, Edited by Joey Pickthall.

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