Tottenham’s best 11 and formation

For the first time in years, Tottenham have squad depth at least two quality players in every position of the pitch. However, this gives Mourinho a headache when it comes to the team selection.

This article will analyse the options Jose has for each position and who I personally think should start.


I think our best formation is 4-3-3 because it be extremely flexible to transition quickly between attack and defence and versatile enough to cope with various play styles and tactical approaches.


Hugo Lloris has to start. Our captain is vocal, passionate and trustworthy. Whilst Joe Hart is also incredibly passionate and a proven winner, he is inconsistent so Lloris is a nailed-on starter.

Centre-back pairing

This is the most difficult decision because the two centre-backs need to complement the other’s style of play. Currently the recognised centre-backs at the club are;

Toby Alderweireld, Davinson Sanchez, Eric Dier, Japhet Tanganga and Joe Rodon.

I have listed some possible pairings, excluding Rodon because he is yet to play for Spurs.

Possible pairings:

Tanganga and Alderweireld- fast and experienced with good ball distribution.

Alderweireld and Sanchez- fast and experienced but Sanchez is error prone

Alderweireld and Dier- lack of pace but very strong in the air.

Ideal pairing- Alderweireld and Tanganga: this is the ideal pairing because they both have very good defensive awareness, are both comfortable on the ball and Tanganga has pace which compensates for Alderweireld being slightly slower.


Ben Davies, and Sergio Reguilon are the two left-backs at Tottenham. Davies has plenty of Premier League experience but is error prone however Reguilon, despite not having a lot of Premier League experience, is very fast to cover defensively and is a much better crosser of the ball than Davies. Therefore, Reguilon starts.


This is not an easy decision because Matt Doherty or Serge Aurier both of them have their faults. Doherty is a better attacker but I feel that Aurier is a stronger defender. However, for my vision of how the 433 formation will work, Doherty is a more suitable option.

Defensive midfielder

This is arguably the most important pick in the entire squad. There are two players that play here, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg and Moussa Sissoko. They need to be defensively disciplined and so I think Højbjerg is the most suitable option due to his superior reading of the game.

Midfield pairing

These two players need to be creative but also able to defend and win the ball back in midfield. By having Højbjerg sit further back, this would allow Giovani Lo Celso and Tanguy Ndombele to pair in midfield. Combining Ndombele’s ability to retain the ball with Lo Celso’s creativity and forward thinking is a perfect match.

Front three

Bale-Kane-Son. Need I say anymore? Once Bale is fit, there is no doubt he is a starter. The same goes for Son and Kane. Yet we still have a wide range of other options. Bergwjin, Moura, Lamela and Vinicius all offer something different from the bench or allow us to replace an injured attacker, something Spurs have been unable to do in recent years.

Formation and tactics

The 433 formation is flexible and versatile and can easily be adapted to nullify opposition attacks but also create chances to run at their defence.

When in possession of the ball Højbjerg can drop deeper and Reguilon and Doherty push up. This allows them to utilise their attacking ability whilst Højbjerg allows us to maintain the defensive stability we need to prevent a counter-attack. This also allows Ndombele and Lo Celso to have fewer defensive responsibilities whilst we attack. When out of possession, Højbjerg can play deeper and Kane can drop into midfield due to his exceptional passing range, leaving Son and Bale ready to counter with their pace.

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